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SEO Copywriting...
Engages Your Readers with relevant, succinct and unique copy. Not me-too fluff.
Produces Results by speaking to your audience in their language, converting visitors into buyers.
Is optimized for the search engines by being keyword-rich, so searchers find you when they're looking
...but not overdone. The content should not be overtly optimized. Too much repetition sounds forced and is a turn-off for your site visitors.

Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
Persuasive Writing for Search Engines & Site Visitors

Your web page is only as good as its content. Online, your product or service stands in direct comparison to hundreds, if not thousand of alternatives that are only a click away.

Therefore, your content has to work for both the search engines and your site visitors. If it doesn't contain the terms that your audience uses, search engines will not present your page to your prospects, and even the best written page won't work if no one sees it.

At the same time, if your page caters only to the search engines, your site visitors will not stick around to do business with you. They will glance at the keyword-rich, but unengaging content and leave.

This is why SEO copywriting is such a critical part of your online presence. It has to attract and persuade at the same time.

SearchingWorks SEO copywriting services reflect this. Based on our joint understanding of your audience, we work with you to craft compelling content that works for both search engine robots and humans.



Search Engine Copywriting Services

SearchingWorks provides a range of copywriting services. We review and edit your existing online copy or produce new content that takes keyword insights (generated in other SEO phases) into account.

Our guidelines for SEO copywriting are simple:

  • Create keyword-rich content that speaks to your visitor's need in his/her language.

  • Create engaging content that keeps your visitor moving through the conversion funnel to the desired outcome.

  • Speak to your audience with a consistent voice to establish a relationship of trust.

  • Avoid spelling mistakess (just kidding...) Sloppy copy doesn't reflect well on the rest of your offering.