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Our SEO Process
Keyword Analysis
We start with understanding what your prospects search for & identify relevant terms.
Web Site Engineering
We evaluate the navigability & crawlability of your site. User & Search Engine perspectives are critical to your SEO success.
Web Page Optimization Create keyword-rich copy that gets your message across to search engines & site visitors.
Web Link Development Get your site listed in directories and other relevant pages.
Getting Indexed
Where necessary, we use strategies such as trusted feeds to help this process.
Monitor, Report & Tune SEO is an ongoing process. In cooperation with you, we continue to monitor and tune the SEO campaign progress.

Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google has indexed over 8 billion web pages, and every conceivable topic (including, of course, Search Engine Optimization) has many web pages dedicated to it. As a result, most searches on Google (or the other search engines) deliver thousands, if not millions, of results. However, the majority of searchers rarely go beyond the second results page (i.e. the top 20 results in Google).

Search Engine Optimization is the marketers' response to this challenge. It is the process and craft by which web site owners improve the search engine rankings of individual web pages and entire sites. This makes Search Engine Optimization Marketing a key component of an overall online marketing strategy. There's no question: SEO must be in your arsenal of ongoing strategies.

With a full range of Search Engine Optimization Marketing Services, SearchingWorks helps you to be found.

In close cooperation with you, we develop and implement search engine optimization strategies and tactics that produce results. Our approach is simple - stick with proven best practices for Search Engine Optimization and apply a time-tested process that breaks the optimization challenge into a series of interwoven steps.


Search Engine Optimization Best Practices

Search Engine Optimization is all about good business practice that follows the rules set out by the search engines themselves. Optimization for high rankings in search engines is not a black art involving secret tactics, cloaking or submission to thousands of search engines that you've never heard of. Instead, best practices in search engine optimization simply build on the knowledge of how search engines work.

Key factors that influence the ranking of your web page in the Search Engine Results Pages:

  • Your page's visible content: Google (and the others) can index multiple formats. For example, Google understands 14 different file formats. The indexing process analyses the content. Certain page elements tell Google about the importance of content: among others, these are:
    • The Page Title (e.g. The title of this page is SEO - Search Engine Optimization Marketing, Information & Services)
    • Formatting elements in HTML such as the <H1>headline, <b>for bold and <italics> in HTML etc.

  • The links to pointing to your page (and from the page) both from within your web site and those from other sites. Google looks at and follows these links, and their number, relevance and content have a significant influence over your page ranking in the Search Engine Results Page. Two otherwise identical pages can rank dramatically different based on their link network. Ask yourself: do your links say 'click here' or are they keyword-rich links?

  • The <meta> tags in your HTML source, such as keywords, description etc. Once upon a time, it was enough to stuff a lot of keywords into these meta elements. Now, most search engines almost ignore the meta content in favor of visible content and link analysis. Having said that, you still have to spend some time carefully crafting content for these tags, because they often are the snippets displayed in the Search Engine Results pages.

Of course, there are many other factors that Google takes into account when it goes about determining the relevance of your page for particular content. Our search engine optimization marketing at SearchingWorks operates within these parameters to get your pages found. Nothing more & nothing less. It works.

See the column on the left for more information on our SEO Process.

We look forward to helping you be found.