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Be Found &
Be Convincing
SEO: be found in the 'organic' search results of Google & Co.
Pay-Per-Click: the ideal complement to SEO; highly targeted ads for high ROI .
Visitor Conversion: Once the 'Eager' have landed, lead them to the next phase in the process.

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Home Page - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Pay-Per-Click (PPC) help you to Be Found. SearchingWorks helps you Be Found & Be Convincing

About SearchingWorks - SEO, PPC & more

About SearchingWorks - Be Found. Be Convincing, Be Analytical

SEO/SEM Careers at SearchingWorks: Check out our job openings.

SEO & PPC Clients: Just some of the companies we've worked for.

SEO Interview (transcript): How to use search engines for business success.

Internet Marketing Tips (transcript): The three key ingredients for Internet Marketing Success: Be Found, Be Convincing, Be Analytical.

Googling for Dollars: Overview and introduction to search engine optimization (SEO) & Pay-per-Click (PPC) and what it can do for your business

Improve Web Marketing: This PDF document (Zone5ive February 2008 presentation) discusses the various elements of successful online marketing: SEO, PPC, Blogging, Conversion Architectures, Analytics and much more.

The Principal of SearchingWorks - Chris Biber, 16 year Marketing veteran, award-winning SEO & PPC practitioner

Search Engine Optimization - Part 1 of being found

Search Engine Optimization Marketing - Information & Services: An overview of SEO and introduction to SEO Best Practices.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing Services - SearchingWorks follows a carefully designed multi-step process for search engine optimization.

SEO Consulting - Introduction to Search Engine Optimization and SEO Tool overview

SEO Training - Do SEO like the Pros with indepth training

Web Site Assessment - Get a baseline understanding of your web site and specific recommendations for SEO.

SEO Copywriting - Persuasive Writing for Search Engines and Site Visitors

SEO Tips - A variety of insights into Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your links by avoiding the 'click here' syndrome.

Google doesn't understand graphics - a simple truth and what to do about it.

Which formats does Google understand? Here's the current answer (as of May 2005)

Make good use of the <TITLE> tag

Ignore the myth of the <META> tag


Pay-Per-Click Marketing - Part II of being found

Pay-Per-Click Marketing - The perfect complement to Search Engine Optimization

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Services - for profitable pay-per-Click Campaigns

Keyword Analysis identifies what your prospective customers are searching for

PPC-Campaign Setup - gets you a fast start to Pay-Per-Click

PPC Campaign Management - Monitoring of keywords, bid management

Review of existing PPC Campaign - to turn a ho-hum campaign into a PPC winner


Other Services by SearchingWorks

Visitor Conversion - Be Convincing: how to convert site visitors into buyers

Web Site Localization - create a winning German version of individual pages or entire sites.

International Marketing & Strategic Planning Services


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