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Did You Know?
98% of your visitors leave without a trace: Only 1-2 percent take the next step of conversion.
A small change in conversion results has huge impact: Imagine you convert 2.5% instead of 2% of traffic - the results are dramatic.

Traffic is NOT Your Goal

Assume that you've successfully completed a Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Campaign. Traffic numbers are up across the board and you can lean back and relax...

Not by a long shot. You now have to think about AIDA (and no, not the opera, but one of the fundamental principles of advertising & marketing):

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

The ultimate goal of any web site is to engage a visitor, and enticing him/her to "convert". Depending on your web site, visitor conversion takes many forms: it might be filling out a form for more information, downloading a trial version of your software, requesting a whitepaper or similar actions. What they all have in common is the revealing of additional information by your visitor, an engagement of sorts.

Yet most web sites experience web site conversion rates of a measly one to two percent. Think about it: 98 percent of your hard-earned site visitors leave without a trace (unless you count cookies ;-> ) Needless to say, even a small improvement in this ratio can have sizeable effects.


Be Convincing - Visitor Conversion Matters

This is where SearchingWorks can help: starting with a solid understanding of your individual target audiences, we look at your web site from your visitors' point of view. We assess the placement of navigation elements, the effectiveness of calls to action, the consistency of your message, and the build-up to the actual conversion point, among other factors.

You receive our findings in the form of annotated screen shots, along with specific recommendations on what to improve. You can then implement these changes yourself or turn to SearchingWorks for full implementation.

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