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Strategic Planning
Beyond Search
Product Positioning
Sharpen your positioning and messagin to reflect audience insights.
Market Analysis
Segmentation & Sizing, Account Profiles etc.
Marketing Strategy
Alliance Development, Competitive Analysis, Channel Strategy.
Marcom & e-PR
Create compelling content, foster analyst & press relations, optimize releases for online distribution.

Search Marketing is 'Just' a Part of Marketing
One of our fundamental beliefs is the fact that Search Marketing and its various disciplines is still just a part of the bigger Marketing picture. Therefore, SearchingWorks provides additional Marketing and strategic planning services that address the many issues that organization face on a daily basis. Whether you are introducing a new product, planning to enter a new geographic region, or want to optimize your channel strategy: SearchingWorks strategic planning services can help you get there faster and more reliably. With over 16 years of International Marketing, Business Development and Sales Experience, SearchingWorks CEO Chris Biber has the background and experience to help you address these challenges head on.

The insights of the Search Marketing discipline impact every element of Marketing. Smart Searching, for example, helps you identify appropriate channel partners, influential members of the press and much more. Keyword analysis and audience insight are key ingredients that allow you to create razor-sharp positioning. This is another reason why SearchingWorks is uniquely qualified to deliver on these, seemingly non-search related projects as well.