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Our PPC Services
Keyword Analysis Identifies the terms that your audience actually uses.
PPC Campaign Setup
All the nitty-gritty of getting started. Ad creation, landing pages, keyword bids etc.
Campaign Management Ongoing monitoring of your campaign, bid adjustment, tuning of ads and landing pages etc..
PPC Campaign Review
If you have an existing PPC campaign that you feel needs work, we analyze it and suggest or make specific improvements.

Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC) Services

SearchingWorks provides the full range of Pay-per-Click Marketing Services. Much like Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click Marketing is not a fire-and-forget strategy. It requires careful design, measured implementation and ongoing monitoring.

SearchingWorks has experience running sophisticated PPC campaigns with proven results. Whether you are a small organization looking to experiment with Pay-per-Click or a larger enterprise looking to complement your other online marketing efforts, SearchingWorks helps you Be Found.


Services for Profitable Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or would like to have us manage everything for you, our PPC services are designed to meet your ROI goals and marketing budget. All of our PPC service engagements start with an indepth conversation with you. This helps us understand your current situation, customers, competitive environments, value proposition etc.

PPC Service 1 - Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis is at the heart of successful pay-per-Click campaigns. Identify relevant keywords, competitive positioning and the what a specifi clickthrough is worth to you. This takes into account that different keywords reflect different stages in the buying cycle. We work with you to uncover the keyword combinations that will work the best for your business. This particular step may have already been partially completed as a result of our Search Engine Optimization Services. What is different for PPC, however, is that this analysis also establishes current cost-per-keyword and competing bidders

PPC Service 2 - Pay-Per-Click Campaign Setup

This service gets your Pay-Per-Click campaign started. Based on the keyword insight generated earlier, we create ads that result in targeted clickthroughs and landing pages that convert your visitors into buyers.

PPC Service 3 - Management & Monitoring of your PPC Campaign

Once a campaign is set up, we continuously monitor your keyword bids, clickthrough data and conversion results. Within the guidelines of your Pay-per-click marketing budget, we adjust keyword bids to maximize profitability of your campaign. Our monthly reports give you detailed insight into your campaign for continual improvement.

PPC Service 4 - Existing Pay-Per-Click Campaign Review

If you're already running a pay-per-Click campaign but feel that you have not gotten the results that you were expecting, we will review the existing campaign in its entirety and provide you with a detailed report on suggested improvements.

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