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SEO Consulting. We tell you how Search Engine Optimization works and get you started with an SEO tool overview.
SEO Training. We train your online marketing staff so that they can do SEO like the pros.
Web Site Assessments. We take a closer look at your current web site and its search engine ranking and outline specific steps for SEO.
SEO Copywriting. In a pinch, we also write keyword-rich copy to agreed upon specifications and timelines.

Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
Search Engine Optimization Services

SearchingWorks provides the full range of SEO & PPC services to help you achieve your online marketing goals. Our engagements range from short-term projects such as the SEO-to-Go packaged offerings listed on the left to comprehensive SEO campaigns that cover all phases of Search Engine Optimization and integrate them into your overall online marketing plans.

We also offer both SEO & PPC services, since both disciplines of Search Marketing can provide synergies to the other, resulting in more effective overall impact.

Full SEO Campaign - Search Engine Optimization Process

SEO Step 1 - Keyword Analysis

Keyword analysis and the development of a keyword strategy is the critcial first step in Search Engine Optimization. The outcome of this phase is an identification of the words and phrases that are most relevant to your audience when they are actively searching. Keyword research is undertaken to uncover hidden opportunities and weaknesses, as well as sources for competitive advantage. Customer insight is both a valuable input and outcome of the keyword strategy phase.

SEO Step 2 - Web Site Structure

The web site structure and its navigability (for human site visitors) or crawlability (for search engine robots) are a key factor for Search Engine Optimization Success. A content-rich web site that can't be crawled by the robots is only almost as bad as a site that only the search-engines love, but that repulses human visitors. After all, it is the human visitors, your prospects, that end up becoming customers, not the robots.
We therefore conduct a careful analysis of your web site structure and its navigability, as well as its ability to convert visitors into prospects, and prospects into buyers.

SEO Step 3 - Web Page Optimization

Based on the insight generated during the keyword analysis and strategy phase, as well as the patterns determined in the web site structure review, it is now time to create keyword-rich content that speaks to your audience and the search engine robots alike. The placement of keywords in page titles, headers and other page elements can be a significant boost to their effect on both of these critical targets. However, SEO copywriting is not easy. Text should not read as if it was created for the robots, with tons of keywords but no engaging hooks for site visitors.

SEO Step 4 - Link Building

Now that web page content and web site structure are up to SEO standards, we work with you to create and implement a linking strategy. The number of incoming links, the content of these links, and where they originate and end are all of significance. In a best-case scenario for SEO, links will be keyword-rich, text-based (rather than graphics-based; Google can't interpret graphics), and originate from highly relevant related sites. A successful link building strategy involves not only the identification of relevant industry & vertical directories, resource pages and other potential sources of links, it also requires the targeted submission of keyword-rich content that is specific for each one of these pages.

SEO Step 5 -Getting Indexed

If your site and its content are well-linked, there is little requirement for manual submission to many of the search engines. However, there may be opportunities to make paid inclusion programs a part of the mix. The answer depends on your specific circumstances.

SEO Step 6 - Monitoring, Reporting & Maintenance

Search Engine Optimization is not a fire-and-forget strategy. It requires the ongoing monitoring of Search Engine results, fine-tuning your content and link strategies and keeping track of competitive trends.

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