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SEO Consulting
How Search Engines work. We tell you how it all fits together and equip you to make the most of your online presence.
How to optimize for search engine rankings. Content, Links, Document Structure - we tell you what to look for and what to do.
Search Engine Tips. We provide some additional SEO information, linking strategies etc.

Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
Get SET - Search Engine Tips in a monthly newsletter
SEO 101 - General Search Engine Optimization Consulting

If you're interested in learning more about how search engines work, and how to optimize for search engine rankings, then SEO 101, our introductory Search Engine Optimization Consulting, is for you.

During an hour-long phone conversation, we give you a solid understanding of the search engine world, and explain how to get a site ready to Be Found.

This basic phone consultation is NOT site specific. For site-specific search engine optimization consulting, consider our in-depth offering, naturally called SEO 201.

SEO 201 - Site-Specific Search Engine Optimization Consulting

In this detailed phone consultation (typically one hour in length), we provide site-specific search engine optimization advice. This consultation is preceeded by our own careful analysis of your current site, its content, keywords, structure and link network. Based on this analysis, we suggest specific areas for improvement, highlight existing strengths and answer any additional Search Engine Optimization questions that you may have. During this phone conversation, you decide which areas to discuss in more detail, and which to skip.

In short, SEO 201 explains in detail how to get YOUR site ready to Be Found.

If you'd rather have a written report on your current site, its SEO situation and our recommendations, consider our SEO Site Assessment Service.